Let’s Get this Started

I want Better the Burgh to be a place where people can come to be encouraged by all the good people and good things going on in the city of Pittsburgh.   At this point, my vision is pretty simple.  I want to visit as many charities, ministries, and non-profits serving the Pittsburgh metro area as I possibly can.  I want to get a feel for what they are doing and volunteer whenever possible.  And I want to share those experiences with you in the hopes that you might find a group that you feel connected to.

We all have various reasons for caring and wanting to help.  Sometimes it just seems hard to know where to begin or where to turn to start that process.  I’d like Better the Burgh to be that place for you.  Come here to learn about where good things are happening.  Maybe you’ll volunteer.  Maybe you’ll pray.  Maybe you’ll give money.  Maybe you’ll just help spread the word.  Any and all of those choice would be a great addition to what’s going on.

We are all operating with limited resources in some way, shape, or form.  Better the Burgh can be a short cut for you to join with your community to strengthen the work that is already being done.  Please read and please respond if and when you find a mission that calls your name.

Author: bettertheburgh

Husband - Father - Real Estate Agent - Huge fan of life in Pittsburgh - A believer in the idea that sharing good news can be a huge encouragement personally and a huge benefit for the community -

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