Coraopolis Youth Creations


One of my hopes for Better the Burgh is that it will allow me to help spread the word about new organizations working to gain traction with their missions here in the Pittsburgh area.  When I met Coraopolis Youth Creations (CYC) founder, Lucinda Wade a few months ago at a Kiwanis meeting, I was excited to learn more about the work that she was doing.  After sitting down with her just before Christmas, I discovered that CYC is exactly the kind of place that Better the Burgh aims to help promote.

Occupying the space of the old Moose Lodge in downtown Coraopolis, CYC is an after-school and weekends program geared towards middle-school students in Coraopolis and the West Hills.  While it’s official 501c3 status and location are both relatively new, Mrs. Wade has been working with and serving the young people of Coraopolis out of the basement of her husband’s church for over a decade.

CYC operates as a hang-out space for kids in the 10-13 age range, while offering a number of programed activities each month.  Events like yoga, a drum circle, family movie night, and dances are a part of the regular schedule.  In order to occasionally take the show on the road, Mrs. Wade also works hard to procure tickets and transportation to local theater productions, sporting events, and museums.

As with any new organization, many aspects of what CYC will ultimately be are still taking shape.  They have formed partnerships with local organizations like the Sewickley YMCA, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, and the RMU Island Sports Center (to name a few) in order to provide more opportunities for the kids.  I’m certain that most parents with children still at home can relate to how difficult it can be to keep them engaged and stimulated with positive activities.  My kids aren’t in the CYC age range yet, but I can absolutely appreciate how helpful having a trustworthy organization like this nearby would be.

Mrs. Wade hopes to see continued growth in what CYC is able to offer, and this is where you might come in.  The primary needs right now are for in-kind donations like TVs, video gaming equipment, office furniture and supplies as well as equipment and snacks to outfit a cafe that will be fun by the youth as a mans of learning some business basics.  Beyond this, anyone with the ability to lead some type of enrichment activity on a regular basis (or even as a special, one-time offering) would be most welcome.

It was easy to see how Mrs. Wade’s love for the children of her city has provided the foundation for what she is now doing.  If you’re interested in joining in or learning more, please visit the organizations website and reach out to Mrs. Wade via the contact form there.  She can answer any of your questions and will be especially happy if you’d like to participate in the CYC’s stated mission of strengthening families and building community through youth enrichment.  Also, clear your calendars for their first fundraiser on May 19th: a mini-golf tournament at the Hat Trick Club on Neville Island.