About this Blog

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This blog is a place to come when you’d like to learn about the good that is being done around the city of Pittsburgh.  I’ll be showcasing the various charities, ministries, non-profit organizations, and groups of people who are working to make Pittsburgh stronger.

I envision a very simple format (though that may change as things progress).  I’ll tell you who is doing good, why the work is important, and how you can help.  I recognize that we all have slightly different definitions of what constitutes good work.  As this is my blog, I’ll be the one making that final decision here.  My goal is to be very generous.  Good can be accomplished in so many different ways and on a large or small scale.

Please feel free to offer suggestions and ideas.  This is a big city and great things are happening all around us.  You may be one of the few who knows about a particular group.  Don’t keep that information to yourself.  I’d love to know about it and share it with anyone who happens to stumble upon Better the Burgh.

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